Who has questions about supplements? The better question might be, who doesn’t? There seems to be an endless amount of information regarding which ones are the best for you, but it can be overwhelming figuring out what you actually need and want. Supplements can be customized to meet your specific health related concerns, but can also be dangerous if taken without consideration of prescription medications or disease states that might lead to unwanted side effects. Choosing the right products is a critical first step in selecting a supplement regimen that actually benefits you. Variability exists in the way products are made, stored, and dispensed. Using the highest quality products makes all the difference. Also, selecting supplements that maximize absorption and your body’s ability to utilize the active ingredients is key to ensuring you are getting the most from your supplement regimen. Whether its bone health, joint pain, chronic fatigue, cognitive support, sleep or just improved nutrition, we can help you better understand what you need. Let us help you design a customized supplement regimen that makes sense… for you.

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Please contact us regarding any specific questions you have about supplements or set up an appointment with one of our pharmacists to help navigate and recommend a tailored regimen that works for you.  We are here to help.

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