To best serve our patients and prescribers, Madison Medical Compounding Pharmacy has expanded our pharmacy to add four sterile compounding suites. We can now offer a full range of sterile preparations.

Sterile Ophthalmic Preparations

We are excited to expand our compounding services to include sterile topical and injectable forms of ophthalmic medications. Sterile ophthalmic compounds including topical antibiotic formulations, intravitreal injections, or serum eye drops allow prescribers to offer a wider array of therapeutic options to improve the care of their patients. We look forward to the opportunity to provide this much need resource.

Autologous serum eye drops are specially prepared using nutrient-rich serum from a patient’s own blood. The nutrients in the serum are key to managing chronic eye conditions and the eye drops are specially formulated for your needs. The team at MMC Pharmacy has specialized training and a newly renovated facility to prepare these sterile eye drops. Serum eye drops are an established therapy with numerous applications that may be right for your unique eye condition.

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Methylcobalamin Injections

Methylcobalamin is used to treat B12 deficiencies that can contribute to chronic medical conditions including anemia, diabetic neuropathy, neurological disorders, chronic fatigue syndromes, and many other medical-related disorders. The methylated form of B12 offers advantages for patients unable to absorb or convert to the active form of B12 your body needs in order to utilize it properly. Talk with your prescriber to see if methylcobalamin injections may be a therapeutic option for you.

Testosterone Injections

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can be life-changing, but it can also be difficult to achieve appropriate hormone levels and keep them consistent. Because of this, IM testosterone administration is often the preferred route of practitioners and patients alike. The ability to individualize dosing and maintain therapeutic levels is essential to ensuring the best outcomes for patients. At Madison Medical Compounding Pharmacy, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality preparations that help improve compliance. We have worked with prescribers to improve upon the use of IM testosterone injections specializing in dispensing testosterone in syringes that have been pre-filled to a patient’s specific dose.

Please contact us with any questions about our unit dosing process or visit the Hormone Therapy section for additional information on customized bioidentica replacement therapies.

We are continuing to expand our sterile product services, so please contact us with any requests or questions about sterile compounded medications.